Survivor China

Survivor China Final 3 FTC

Final 3 (Amanda, Todd and Courtney) at Final Tribal Council

OK! Todd wins! I am a little disappointed because i rooted for Amanda since day 1. Todd simply owned Amanda in the Final Tribal Council. Amanda looked pretty nervous, her voice is shaking, I dunno why! Oh well, they say beauty queens are dumb.

I guess, even though Todd back stabbed almost everybody in the jury, they voted for him because he played the game really well, and planned the game in his advantage. Being a fan of the show, he knew exactly what the right thing to do for him to go all the way to the millions dollars!


Survivor China The Reunion

Survivor China Castaways
Survivor China Castaways

Amanda looks like Erica Durance(Lois Lane of Smallville)

Courtney: The Anorexic Biatch

Todd: The Gayest Sole Survivor


Notable Quotes

“Why would I wanna align with Jean-Robert? That would be the worst move in Survivor history!” – James

“He’s a slippery little sucker.” – Courtney, referring to Todd

“She doesn’t deserve it just ’cause you know, she… sucks at life.” – Courtney, referring to Denise the boring lunch lady

and she followed that by:

“I’m the biggest bitch on the planet.” (Hell, Yeah!)



Amanda you should sue Mark Burnett for blurring your nice ass every time in the show, it’s so unfair! He didn’t blur Courtney and Denise asses, but you? Why oh why? Now everyone is calling you as Bluranda. :)


Yeah! Yah!






~ by eNocH on Tuesday, December 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “Survivor China”

  1. haha. napapansin ko nga yan. bawat kita ko na lang kay amanda, may blur.

    gusto ko sana manalo si peih-gee or erik. pero nawawalan na ko ng pag-asa. my third bet was todd. he’s like the rob cesternino of this season. good thing that he won.

  2. nakakairita yung pagmumukha ni PG eh! haha! si erik naman, parang wala lang! hehe! amanda talaga ako umpisa pa lang, saka si james, ang tangang is james di niya ginamit yung dalawang Immunity Idols niya, yun nagiging katawa tawa siya!

  3. eto lang ang Survivor season na hindi ko napanood. Hays! Si todd daw is the youngest winner sa history ng survivor.. totoo ba yun?

  4. at age 22, siya nga ata ang youngest and GAYEST survivor winner! :)

  5. natalo niya si aras. age 24 nung nanalo

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