“You want to know what brothering me?  People keep on asking what’s brothering me!”

Jake Harper, Two and A Half Men


~ by eNocH on Monday, March 24, 2008.

8 Responses to “Annoyed”

  1. So what’s really bothering you? huh?



  2. nothing in particular…

  3. what’s bothering me??? people who keeps on asking “this question” alam mo na yun kc isa ka sa mga tao na yun!!! wehehehe

  4. cuz napadaan ka dito..

    so kelan ba talaga ang kasal? :)

  5. naman! nakakabother naman talaga yung tanungin ka kung anu ang nagpapabother sayo diba???!!

  6. heheh cguro nga it will add up to ur stress if people keeps asking u what’s wrong with u or what’s bothering you especially if ur the type who doesn’t wanna be bothered at all… ay ang gulo ko lolz!

  7. i hate that too and minsan i cant help but snap at them :(

  8. snap them

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