Happy Duck

[angerly mocking the duck]

“Oh, oh, I’m a duck. I go quack-quack. I’m happy all the time.”

Chandler Bing, Friends


~ by eNocH on Tuesday, April 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “Happy Duck”

  1. c chandler nga ba to? hmmmm, di b yan yung kay ben stiller nung nag guest xa sa friends? bk nga iba :D di ko maxado matndaan :D

  2. uhmmmm.. gotta check on that! thanks for the heads up! :)

  3. buti pa ang duck kahit quack lang xa ng quack happy na xa…

  4. ate honey bakit, di ka ba happy? sabi mo….. :D

  5. uhm… ano ulet sabi ko? hehehe :D musta bakaxon sa pinas?

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