August Rush

Want a feel good movie? Are you into music, drama and everything about life? This movie is absolutely for you. This movie simply moved me.

Some memorable quotes:

You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars.” Maxwell “Wizard” Wallace

Come on. Be brave. Louis Connelly

You never quit on your music. No matter what happens. Cuz anytime something bad happens to you, that’s the one place you can escape to and just let it go. I learned it the hard way. And anyway, look at me. Nothing bad’s gonna happen. You gotta have a little faith.Louis Connelly

But I believe in music…The way that some people believe in fairy tales. August Rush

The music is all around you, all you have to do is listen.August Rush

Btw, Jonathan Rhys Meyers can sing. And i found out from IMDB that Liv Tyler and Claire Danes were each considered for the role of “Lyla Novacek” before Keri Russell was cast. Ouch!


~ by eNocH on Wednesday, July 9, 2008.

15 Responses to “August Rush”

  1. believe it or not, im currently listening to it’s soundtracks, thats why im shock to see your blog. haha. serendipity?

    i just loved this movie.

  2. if you watch and read the book love in time of cholera, hell yeah! it’s serendipity but of course you must be a girl! :lol:

    thanks for droppin’ by!

  3. nakaka touch naman mukang maganda nga yung film…

  4. robin williams was miscast in this film, the only downside to it. the role needed somebody meaner and scarier. i kept waiting for a punchline in his dialogues.

  5. i second that, kalyeonse!

  6. watched that months ago…and i was also moved….sana pinagpatuloy ko na rin music lessons ko..lols..

    and btw, robin williams is not fit on the role..when i first saw him, i thought he is going to be a good guy,,as what he is always on the screen..but i was wrong…nah…

    badtrip lang ako….ang dvd ko na yan indi pa rin sinasauli…amputcha.

  7. imo, he was cast in this movie for box-office purposes.

  8. oh yeah! I love this film!

  9. this movie is simply amazing.
    it’s sorta sad that not many people know about it..

  10. my copy of august rush contains bonus additional scenes or scenes that didn’t make the final cut. most of them were scenes with robin williams-wizard. i also thought that robin was too soft for the part, but after watching those bonus scenes, i understood his character better. that is, wizard was also struggling with music–lost it–until august came. he did chase august at the underground railway, but in the end, he actually pushed him to go and play at his concert. for me, it was not so much a casting mistake or casting for box office purposes as an editing mistake. a big editing mistake. :)

  11. greenwickedyellow, gotta find that copy. :)

  12. enoch, get an original copy. original copies always have those free stuff–bonus scenes, director comments, cast comments, full trailer, theme song mtv, et cetera… :)

  13. Maldito hit the nail on the head regarding Robin Williams being miscast for the part of Wizard. If you think someone is miscast, it’s more a result of your expectations than it is the actor’s lack of ability. You always have to look past the famous face and into the character being created. I thought Williams did a fine job, and I don’t think that the purpose of his character was as much to portray meanness as it was to a) be the huckster, primarily out for himself (think Fagin in “Oliver Twist”), and b)
    present Evan with a second-best explanation and option for the use of his gift.

  14. guys, any idea where i can buy a copy of this movie? really want to see this one. there’s no listing in,

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