“Marriage is like jail, right fellas? Except in jail, you get to have sex.”

Stuart, How I Met Your Mother


~ by eNocH on Monday, August 18, 2008.

9 Responses to “Marriage”

  1. let us pray for our brothers in Lanao del Norte who were attacked by muslim rebels today. One of the ambushed transpo include the newly ordained priests in dipolog city who travelled to join their reunion at REMASE davao (classmates of my brother). The last time they had contact with the other priests were they were running for their lives. Let us pray for their safety and all of the people there.

  2. yeah, i’ve heard and read the news. prayers.

  3. ok na yung mga pari nakauwi nang di na dala mga gamit nila pero at least safe sila.

    btw, sa entry mo, ‘except in jail, u get 2 hav sex’? eh ano namang klaseng sex kya eew…

  4. Hahaha… ganun?

  5. ate honey, look outside the box. *wink*

    zapped, magpakulong ka tapos balitaan mo kami! :D

  6. hahaha. funny quote. oo nga naman, anong klaseng sex kaya yan? hehe

  7. m to m

  8. nah… kaw na lang magpakulong then balitaan mo kami! enjoy yun marami ka pa naman fans aabangan nila story mo hehehe

  9. di ko kelangan ng fans. ako ang Numero Uno fan ng sarili ko. :)

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