Slumdog Millionaire Quotes

A little electricity will loosen his tongue Police Inspector

Grow up Jamal, I am the head of this family, now. And I say no. Piss off, you! – Salim

You think I don’t wake up every morning wishing I didn’t know the answer to that question? If it wasn’t for Ram and Allah, I would still have my mother. – Jamal

Steel balls is what it takes, my friend, steel balls. Prem Kumar

Stop wetting your pants. I’ll be a good little boy with the next one. Promise – Prem Kumar

Latika! Latika – Jamal

Your destiny in on your hands, bhai. You can be me. Or nobody. Understand? – Maman

Blind singers earns double. You know that. – Jamal

With respect, Madam, the guide book is written by bunch lazy, Indians, good for nothing beggars. – Jamal

Baby brother’s in love. With a flat-chested hijra. – Salim

Typical. I save your life and you’re on at me. All you ever do is fuck us up. Whenever you’re around.  – Salim

You’re a sweet boy, Jamal. – Latika

I never forgot. Not for one day. I knew I’d find you in the end. It’s our destiny. – Jamal

I thought we would meet again only in death. – Latika

This is our destiny.  – Jamal


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21 Responses to “Slumdog Millionaire Quotes”

  1. :)

  2. do u watch a movie a lot of times or nakukuha mo na agad ang quotes in just one sitting? grabe ka talaga ka adik sa movies ah…

  3. actually i watched this movie twice but i looked for its script in the interweb and get those quotes. :p

  4. Happy Birthday ^_^

  5. script? san ka nakakakuha ng script ng mga movies? pakibigay naman url oh. ^^

  6. google it!

    search for “title of the movie” + movie script


  7. na-inspire nmn aq panaoorin yan…
    Exlink po???

  8. Jamal Malik: Are you nervous??

    Prem Kumar: What?? Am i Nervous? It’s you on the hotseat my friend..

  9. D. Because it is written..

    i really love this movie.i thought the brouhaha surrounding this is nothing but exaggeration.boy i was wrong.this is one of the few films where you will sit althroughout, ponder, enjoy and get you craving for more.

  10. steeg pala talaga nitong slumdog millionaire. sa net ko lang xa napanood. sa pilipinas ba pinalabas yan?

  11. Can anyone tell me the quote about the crossing over a bridge? or it could have been crossing on a bridge
    thank you

  12. @ missknk: i’ll cross the bridge when i get there! LOL

  13. my favourite quote:

    Jamal: How much is a Panipuri in Chowpatty?
    Inspector: HWat?
    Jamal: Chowpatty? how much?
    Guard: 10 rupees
    Jamal: Wrong… 15 cents diwali..

  14. where can i read the full movie story of slumdog millionaire?

  15. Da bes ang slumdog millionaire.sarap ulit ulitin.
    Tnx 4 the quotes.

  16. anG ganda nG sLumdoG miLLionaire .. sana may part 2 .. ahaha !!

  17. Blahh!!

  18. My Fav scene is when, Young Jamal is in the ‘Long Drop’ and finds out hes locked in. Only way to escape is to Jump in The Sh*t. hahahahahhahaha
    How Original!!!
    I LOve NZ!!!

  19. My Fav scene is when, Young Jamal is in the ‘Long Drop’ and finds out hes locked in. Only way to escape is to Jump in The Sh*t. hahahahahhahaha
    How Original!!!
    I LOve NZ!!!!!

  20. I’m glad you put this up
    all other websites with quotes use the same ones over and over. this will help with my assignment very much

  21. if you want ti read the full story of slumdog millionore movie…. please refer the book Q N A by vikas Swarup!

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